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Raven and the French Fry Dilemma – p.8

All of the seagulls were now inside the dumpster. Cardinal looked sideways at Raven, and in perfect sync, the two birds zoomed down and in one swoop pushed the side door closed. Then they took a victory lap around the parking lot, chirping and squawking heartily as they flew.

The dumpster was shaking as the gulls all flung themselves at the sides and the door and the lid, but they were trapped. Their cries were slightly muffled but loud enough that they entertained Raven and Cardinal for the rest of the long night.

The next morning, as Raven expected, a large green truck appeared and slowly backed up to the dumpster. It reached out with two long metal arms, grabbed the dumpster and lifted it, turning it upside down. As the lid fell open, the flock of seagulls came tumbling out with the trash. Some of them landed in the back of the truck, dodging the falling rubbish, but at last they all managed to fly away.

Raven and Cardinal never saw the gulls again. The two birds shared all the french fries in the parking lot from that day to this.



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Raven and the French Fry Dilemma – p.7

As Raven and Cardinal played at eating food that wasn’t there the gulls began, one by one, to fly over and try to steal it. Raven dodged and grabbed his wrapper with his beak and flew up to the top of a light pole. Meanwhile, Cardinal was coming under attack, too, and made just as good a show of defending his imaginary meal, dragging the container back into the dumpster.

Raven was delighted. Cardinal had saved him the trouble of carrying out phase two of his plan!

Cardinal’s chirps and tweets echoed in the metal dumpster, and he was having such a good time listening to himself sounding so big that when the gulls began to invade, he defended his new territory in earnest, never for a moment understanding that this was what Raven had wanted all along. Eventually, though, the little red bird was overpowered as more of the flock of seagulls made their way in through the side door, and he barely made it out with all his feathers intact.

Raven called to him from the light pole, and Cardinal flew up to sit with his friend. When he landed and looked back down at the dumpster, it suddenly became clear to him what their next steps must be.

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Raven and the French Fry Dilemma – p.6

Raven looked sideways at Cardinal, blinked and nodded. Then he suddenly took off, flapping his wings so hard that he lost a few feathers, and let out the loudest “caw-caw-caw” he’d ever uttered. He made wide circles around the parking lot, trying to be louder than the gulls. It was hard work, and a few of them tried to chase him away, but he kept circling and calling.

Once he was sure he had their attention, he flew back over to the dumpster, and hopped up to the open side door, then went inside. When he emerged, he was holding a sandwich wrapper in his beak. He took it up to where Cardinal sat, and made a fuss of pretending to find food inside of it.

Cardinal understood what Raven was doing, but not why. Still, he followed suit, and flew into the dumpster himself, returning with a plastic container. He dropped it onto the dumpster’s lid, then landed inside it and hopped around, pretending to eat.

The gulls had never been so quiet in their lives.

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Raven and the French Fry Dilemma – p.5

The gulls were more than noisy, they were filthy and rude. Raven watched as they fought amongst themselves for positions on the tops of lamp poles and signs. They soon covered much of the surface of the parking lot with droppings.

Cardinal had flown over to the dumpster where Raven was, and was perched on the lid. He looked down at the big black bird and chirped. They were united against their common foe now, the past days’ squabbles forgotten. Raven was glad to finally have a friend.

As he was looking up at the Cardinal, he noticed that the contraption that usually kept the side door of the dumpster locked was missing. Raven took flight and hovered next to the door, then grasped the handle with his feet and hung on. He tried flying forward, then backward, all the while glancing about to make sure none of the gulls were watching him, and finally he managed to slide the door open just a few inches.

Raven let go of the handle and made a wide circle around the dumpster before landing on the lid next to Cardinal. The small red bird wasn’t sure what Raven was planning but he was certainly ready for action.

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Raven and the French Fry Dilemma – p.4

The rest of the afternoon was quiet; Raven managed to get just enough to eat, and so did Cardinal. They kept their distance from each other, and each went about his own business.

Just before sunset, Raven was standing in the shade of a dumpster, preening his wings, when he heard a sound. As it grew closer he recognized it as the annoying cry of the Seagull. Raven looked up, thinking how glad he was that there was no more food for Seagull to steal, and hoping that would make his visit brief this time. He saw, to his horror, that Seagull was not alone, but had brought his entire flock.

Thirty-something gulls descended on the parking lot and began to make a terrible racket. Raven looked over at Cardinal, and the small red bird was literally hopping mad, bouncing from one foot to the other and flapping his wings. The gulls paid him no mind.

Raven’s home and hunting ground had been invaded. He flew to the top of the dumpster and looked out at the scene; he had to formulate a plan or else risk losing all the coming night’s fries…

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Raven and the French Fry Dilemma – p.3

Raven lost his composure after such effrontery, and spread his wings as wide as they would go, which was enough to shut the Cardinal up. Raven then turned his gaze to the Seagull, and let out a loud “caw-caw-caw” at the top of his lungs.

The Seagull paid him no mind, and continued swallowing fries whole as fast as he could.

Raven flew over. Just as he was about to land, the Seagull hopped a few steps away. Raven jumped up to try again, but Seagull sidestepped once more. This made the Cardinal laugh, and Raven shot him a nasty look. Cardinal had regained his bravery by then, though, and simply returned Raven’s stare with one of his own.

Raven spent the rest of the morning chasing Seagull around and around the parking lot, never able to catch him. Then, for reasons known only to himself, Seagull flew away. Raven stood watching him go, unsure if he’d won a victory or not. The Cardinal was still lurking nearby, but neither of them had managed to eat a single thing all day. They both looked around at the few fries that Seagull hadn’t managed to stuff in his beak, and without a word of agreement spoken, Raven and Cardinal each began to scavenge on separate sides of the lot.

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Raven and the French Fry Dilemma – p.2

That night, Raven went to sleep hungry and distressed. He didn’t want to fight the Cardinal but he certainly wasn’t going to stand by while another bird ate all his food again.

The next morning, Raven arrived earlier than usual to the parking lot. It had been a messy night and there were fries and other kinds of leftovers scattered all over. Just as Raven landed next to a french fry, he heard a terrible squawking, and before he knew what was happening, a gray and white Seagull came swooping in and stole the fry right out from under his beak.

Raven heard the chirping laughter of the Cardinal, who had also just arrived. He turned to face the red bird, and hopped over to stand in front of him. The Cardinal turned his small head sideways and looked up at Raven with one eye, as if to challenge him. He then pointed with his wing toward the other end of the parking lot.

The Seagull was busying himself eating all the fries.

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