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Lady Silver of the Spring – p.20

The goblin bowed his head. “So be it.” Slowly he turned around to face the girl, and as he did, he began to change. His skin smoothed and became golden brown, his eyes deepened to a warm amber, and from out of the thin air he was dressed in golden robes that surrounded his body, now that of a man’s and not a monster’s. “From this day forward then, Lady Silver, you shall rule at my side.” He waved his hand and the purple cloak around the girl’s shoulders transformed into a shimmering gown.

He walked over to her and took her hand, knelt, and kissed it. “You have done what I now know this other mortal never could,” he said.

The girl shook her head. “I only wanted to return that terrible ring to its rightful owner.”

“You have done much more than that.” He stood then and turned to Melinda and the prince. “Go now, and let your kinsmen know that my palace has finally risen from a long, cursed sleep. All will be invited to a feast here in my Lady’s honor, on the next New Moon.”

It is said that the feast held for Lady Silver went on for weeks, but when the last guest left the castle, it rose and disappeared into the sky. All that remained was a small spring, where the water flows clear and cool to this very day.



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Lady Silver of the Spring – p.19

The goblin paced as he talked. “For breaking my curse, and allowing she whom I had loved since her birth to be freed to marry another, you shall live in my castle for all time, Lady Silver.” He turned his back to them. “You can choose to live here as a prisoner, or as its ruler…at my side.”

Melinda had finally found her voice. “Loved me? Loved me? You tried to trick me into becoming a fish-woman and then condemned me to eternity as a hag! What can a hideous scab like you know of love?”

“Silence!” The goblin held up a hand but kept his back to them. “An eternity it should have been, since you still have learned nothing of humility. Perhaps your union with the man-boy will serve to do so, since his spirit has also stagnated. Now, my Lady, I await your answer.”

The girl felt as if the blood in her veins had frozen. She had never expected to be freed from the spring, but when she breathed the air again she was filled with hope. She could not conceive of life in a castle, either as its mistress or a prisoner, but only with one path would any hope remain.

“I choose to rule.”

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Lady Silver of the Spring – p.18

“What is your name?” the goblin asked.

The girl was frightened but answered, “I have none. I live alone.”

The goblin laughed then, a terrific cacophony that silenced every bird and beast within a league around. “But how perfect! Then you won’t mind if I christen you,” and as he said this, he bent to cup some water and trickled it over the girl’s head. “Rise now, Lady Silver of the Spring.”

Suddenly the land around them began to shake, and the spring itself shone with a light just as it had before. Melinda and the girl jumped up and ran to the prince, but he was already trying to urge his mount to flee. They became trapped presently by thick walls of pure white marble rising from the earth around them.

Stone, dust, water and plants were swirling about, making a new landscape, all the while the goblin laughed and laughed.

When everything finally settled, they found themselves standing in the courtyard of the greatest, most beautiful castle the world had ever seen. The spring sat at at its center, and the goblin stood next to it, grinning. “Welcome to my home, mortals.” He pointed at the girl. “Now, on to business.”

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Lady Silver of the Spring – p.17

The goblin had appeared, a hairless creature with dirty greenish skin and yellow eyes. He looked at the girl, who sat shivering under the purple cloak, and pointed a warty finger at her. “This is the one who broke my spell?”

No one answered him, not even the haughty Melinda.

“This is the one who destroyed my ring?” he asked. “This girl bore the curse?”

Still no one moved. The goblin walked up to where the girl and Melinda sat and leaned in close, and the girl was surprised to find that when he spoke, his breath smelled of honey. “Does she have a name, this girl?”

Melinda looked over at the prince, but he shook his head. Neither of them had bothered to ask.

The goblin poked Melinda on the arm, hard. “It should have been you!” He began to pace then, never taking his eyes off of the girl. “Since your sacrifice has given them protection from my influence, I cannot exact my revenge on them.” He looked over at the prince then, and frowned. “I suppose they will marry, and spawn a royal brood.” He then turned back to the girl. “You, however, will have to answer for ruining my scheme, and they cannot help you, nor stop what is about to happen.”

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Lady Silver of the Spring – p.16

“It is truly wondrous that you put the ring on, and not only that, but inscribed the runes onto the bottom of the spring to bring the curse to its end,” Melinda said to the girl. “I owe you everything.”

The girl blushed then, unaccustomed as she was to having so much attention paid to her. “I only wanted to make sure the ring was returned to its rightful owner,” she said.

“Yes, it is curious to me how such a precious item was lost here in the first place.” Melinda turned again to glare at the prince. “Surely it was an accident, and your Highness must have been very concerned to find it gone?” She enjoyed watching his discomfort, and smiled. “After all, without it, there would have been no hope of lifting the curse, and you could never truly be King.”

“Now see here, it’s a wonder I didn’t lose the blasted thing before now!” The prince lifted his chin, and sat up straight in the saddle. “It’s no longer our concern, anyway, and good riddance!”

Just then, a puff of yellow smoke appeared before them, and a voice said, “The ring may be gone, mortal, but I am not.”

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Lady Silver of the Spring – p.15

Melinda told the girl the tale of the ring. On the day she was to be wed to the prince (who now sat fuming on his horse, tired of waiting), the ring that was to be her wedding band was switched for the cursed silver ring. The man who performed the switch was really an old goblin in disguise, a creature who loved to sow discord and who hated the expansion of humans into the world.

As luck would have it, a wise woman who had been in the old king’s service recognized the ring for what it was before it could be placed on Melinda’s finger, and stopped the ceremony. The goblin, furious that his plan was exposed, cursed the couple, turning Melinda into an eternal crone and the prince into an eternal lad, so that they could never bear children, and then he vanished in a puff of yellow smoke.

The wise woman knew some magic, too, and made it known that if another maiden were to accept the fate of the ring in Melinda’s stead, it would lift the curse on the royal couple. No one stepped forward, too afraid of the ring, and of incurring the wrath of the goblin if they should break the curse after all. And so, the years passed…

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Lady Silver of the Spring – p.14

The old woman was now a beautiful maiden, and the boy, still on his horse, was now a full grown man with a thick beard.

The girl tried to speak and her voice came out weak and scratchy from disuse. “What-? Who-?”

The woman pressed the cloak more tightly around her. “Shh, you need rest. I will explain it all presently.” Her voice was now soft and melodic, her eyes bright, and she seemed a bit taller.

“We must be away now,” said the man on the horse. His voice was deep and strong. “Ha! It feels good to be myself again. But hurry, Melinda, come!”

“You will sit there until I am satisfied that this girl is well enough to travel.”

“Travel? Surely you do not mean to take her with us?”

Melinda turned on him, eyes wide. “Yes, I do!” She sat back down next to the girl and helped her begin to dry off. “King you may well be by nightfall but for now all I can see is an impatient boy throwing a tantrum! What is one more hour after two hundred years?”

The girl spoke again, her voice coming out clearer now. “Two hundred years?”

“That ring,” Melinda said, “was given to me seven generations ago by a jealous, fiendish creature. After all this time you finally broke the curse.”

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